Important Dates for the 2017 Season
Updated January 18, 2017
March 8 (Wed) Spring Managers Meeting
March 28 (Tues) Team Registration Deadline
Mar 30/31 (Thur/Fri) Board Meeting- to set divisions
Apr 24 (Mon) 70's Divisions Begins
Apr 26 (Wed) B-E Divisions Begin
May 11 (Thur) Team Fees Due Date
May 11 (Thur) Team Roster Deadline (Rule 2.2)
May 11 (Thur) Jacket order Deadline
May 29 (Mon)- Holiday Memorial Day- No 70's games
Jun 7 (Wed) Last B-E games for 1st half of season
Jun 8/9 (Thur/Fri) Board Meeeting to reset divisions
Jun 14 (Wed) B-E Divisions Off Week
Jun 21 (Wed) B-E Divisions Begin 2nd Half
Jun 26- Jul 2 Girls Tourney- Fields not available
Jun 26 (Mon) No 70's games on Mon
Jun 28 (Wed) No B-E games on Wed
JTBD CSSA Day(s) at Coors Field
Jul 26 (Wed) 70's Divisions Roster Change Deadline
Jul 26 (Wed) B-E Divisions Roster Change Deadline
Aug 7 (Mon) 70's Divs Last Scheduled League Games
Aug 9 (Wed) B-E Divisions Last Scheduled Games
Aug 10/11 (Thur/Fri) Board Meeting to set Tournament Groups
Aug 14(Mon) & 16(Wed) 70's Divisions Tournament
Aug 21-24 (Mon-Thur) B-E Divisions Tournament