CSSA- 2016 Bat Rules 5.4, Approved by Managers 24-Oct-2014 -  Changes from previous year are shown in bold type.

5.4 BATS- Teams and players may use any bat that has the USSSA mark as follows: 1) Have the new permanent USSSA mark on its taper; 2) Have the old permanent USSSA mark (usually ‘USSSA’ on the barrel of the bat).  Effective January 1, 2013, USSSA will only allow bats with the new permanent mark, however CSSA is grandfathering old USSSA approved bats at this time.  Bats with ASA stamps are also allowed.  “Older” bats with no discernible USSSA or ASA marks may be used with permission and agreement from the umpire and opposing coach.  In addition, ALL TEAMS & PLAYERS, MUST ABIDE BY THE RECREATION DISTRICT SOFTBALL BAT RESTRICTIONS WHEREVER TEAMS ARE PLAYING, IF THE REC DISTRICT HAS STRICTER BAT RULES.  Any player who enters the batter’s box or is discovered using a non-approved bat shall be called out and ejected from the game, and thus be subject to the provisions of Rule 11.4, and the bat shall be removed from the playing area.  Any bat that has been modified or altered to produce more hitting power than as originally manufactured and certified with ASA and/or USSSA stamps is a non-approved bat and is prohibited.

Complete rules are now found in the following document: Rules Revised 2/22/16, with changes from the 10/30/15 Managers Meeting

Note: The CSSA Board of Directors encourages visiting managers to contact host managers in regard to the bat restrictions for the hosting facility. If managers have questions about any bats that they would like to use during a game, they are encouraged to discuss the bat restrictions with the umpire and the other manager prior to the start of the game.

*Go to www.usssa.com , select Slowpitch, then select Licensed Bats.